Key to the Web, LLC and Quiltshops.com offer an all-in-one Internet marketing and e-commerce software solution. Quiltshops.com is the leading search engine for the quilting industry, and will drive an average of 30% of your online sales directly to your site. Quiltshops.com will also drive more traffic to your site than any other one single source (by far), including Google.

Our features include:
  • Quiltshops.com - All of your items are automatically included in the search engine, and you determine your own placement by your choice of keywords. You will receive more orders from Quiltshops.com than any other single source, and those orders will more than make up any difference in the price of our packages vs the price of our competitors. Three major sales per year, free to our e-commerce clients. Free listing in shops & shops by location pages, free listing in Quiltshops.com News & Specials section (easily maintained via your maintenance interface). The featured shop is randomly displayed, ensuring equal time as "the featured shop" to every client. Search results are also displayed randomly, ensuring each shop equal time as #1.

  • Unlimited email marketing - no additional charges whether your mailing list is 1,000 or 50,000. For brick & mortar shops, you can have two mailing lists, one for local customers and the other for your online customers from all over the world.

  • Custom designed home page - use any layout you want, any graphics you want. Include moving slide shows, videos, custom text editing to announce sales, specials, etc. Menu styles offer many options for your catalog menu pages. Database item pages have two layouts available, and the customer can easily switch back and forth between the two. Using our interactive interface, you can easily update your entire site yourself, any time of the day or night.

  • Fractions or decimals for simple customer entry of quantity wanted - no cumbersome drop down lists.

  • Secure transactions with state-of-the-art SSL security. Major gateways by Authorize.net, Payflow Link, Yourpay and Linkpoint. Enhanced Paypal integration.

  • Options that allow you to sell the same item at different prices - kits vs pattern only or fat quarters vs yardage, for example. Displayed for the customer so that they can easily see what's available without having to use drop down lists.

  • Block of the Month Manager that automates repeat transactions and subscriptions.

  • Quiltshops.com Stash Manager allows customers to save fabrics for up to 30 days and build a stash of all the fabrics needed for a project. Each site also has customer created Wish Lists and an Interactive Design Wall.

  • Instant Facebook integration.

  • Complete Class Schedule software with online secure registrations, supply lists (if desired), instructor bio pages (enter once, use for all classes for that instructor), multiple project photos, calandar, multiple sessions for classes that meet several times, multiple locations for retailers that have two or more locations, and many other features. Additional installation fee of $100, one time charge.

  • Unlimited interactive pages which you can edit yourself 24/7. These are non-catalog pages, for things such as "Project Galleries", "About", "Shipping Info", "Map", etc.

  • Display related products after an item is entered into a cart.

  • Database-driven item pages with inventory control.

  • Customizable headers for individual categories.

  • Enter an item once and place it in multiple categories.

  • Orders can be printed as invoices (with credit card info) or as packing slips (without credit card info).

  • Pull list for orders with thumbnails of items - makes pulling stock easier!

  • Multi-Image upload with automatic thumbnail generator. Upload a folder full of images with one click.

  • Sale Management - discounts for entire store, categories, or for individual items.

  • Promotions Management - easy insertion of popular promotion icons.

  • SEO - better search engine placement - edit your own meta tags, page titles, text, etc. Why pay others for SEO when 90% of the work is choosing your keywords and descriptions, which only you can do?

  • Coupon & Gift Certificate Manager.

  • Store Configuration options for many items, including shipping, sales tax, order forms, etc.

  • Complete mailing list management software with "fancy" HTML or "plain" text only. Deletions and duplications are handled automatically.

  • Autoresponder delivers confirmation of order within moments.

  • Extensive statistical reports. Sales data available 24/7 in HTML or Excel format.

  • Tracking reports that allow you to track where your orders come from, such as Quiltshops.com, your newsletter, etc.

  • Unlimited Email Aliasing from your domain. Download email to your standard email account or use our mail server with WebMail.

  • Unlimited 800 number and/or e-mail technical support during normal business hours (emergency support nights and weekends). We pride ourselves in our support response times - one client said "you're faster than McDonald's drive-thru"!

  • Wholesale/Retail - 2 sites for the price of 1 now available at all e-commerce levels. Only additional cost for two sites is $100 wholesale installation fee providing site uses same design as retail (if not, additional design fees apply). Two sites can have two different domain names if desired, and wholesale site is password protected.


  • An item is an individual item that is for sale. An item can have several colors and/or sizes. You are limited mostly by how many items you can show in the picture, as our software does allow unlimited options. You can move from any level to any other level at any time by paying the difference in the Software Installation Fee, plus the change in the monthly charges prorated to the date of the move.

  • No "per-transaction" fees, no sales percentage, no added costs for mailings, no additional SEO costs, no other add-ons of any kind.

  • We have a complete working demo of our software packages - please call 1-800-865-5255 for additional information, or write to sales@keyweb.com for a username and password.

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